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Adult Programs

PROJECT RECOVERY - Intensive Outpatient Licensed Treatment Program

Project Recovery is a state licensed substance abuse treatment program that was established in 1992 through The Council (formerly Mile High Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse). This program provides group, individual and family therapy for men, women, and children; and it incorporates acupuncture specific to treatment of alcohol and other drug abuse and addictions. Project Recovery is licensed to provide intensive outpatient, adolescent, offender and women's treatment.


It is the policy of Project Recovery to provide treatment in the least restrictive setting, therefore outpatient treatment is integrated to address addiction, mental health, and trauma issues. Project Recovery offers culturally sensitive treatment for working through many issues. A variety of treatment approaches including: cognitive behavioral, solution focused, motivational interviewing and systems theory are utilized to enable clients to gain social and psychological coping skills and to remain substance free. However, if the client has social, medical or psychiatric needs that cannot be met through treatment at Project Recovery, referrals or consultations can be made to a higher level of care.


The individualized treatment plan will include the length of stay and intensity of treatment and will be agreed upon by the counselor and client at time of intake. The length of stay is based on a differential assessment and evaluation of clients needs. Acupuncture is offered to all clients and is available 4 times per week, in conjunction with traditional therapy.


Project Recovery Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Driving with Care DUI Classes

•  Level II -   DUI Education

•  Level II -   DUI Therapy

•  All DUI groups are 2 hours

•  Individual sessions are 1 hour

Intensive Outpatient Program

•  Group sessions (1 ½ hours twice weekly)

•  Monitored, random drug screens (twice weekly)

•  Acupuncture treatments - minimum (twice weekly)

•  Individual/couples/family sessions (as needed)

Weekly Outpatient Program

•  Group session (1½ hours once per week)

•  Monitored, random drug screens (twice weekly)

•  Acupuncture treatments (minimum once per week recommended)

Recovery Support Services

• Referrals

• Monitored, random urine drugs screens

•  Random breathe testing

•  Antabuse monitoring

•  Acupuncture (provided four times a week)

•  Couples/Family Therapy

•  Substance Abuse Evaluations

Project Recovery Mental Health Services

Assessment and Referral                                                Psychotherapy

Crisis Intervention                                                           Individual

Mental Health Evaluations                                               Couples/Family/Adults/Adolescents 

Referrals and Resources

Acupuncture Times

A minimum of 30 minutes is required.  Please do not have caffeine, nicotine or sugar 45 minutes before or after acupuncture.

Mondays, Wednesday, Thursdays: 4:30pm - 6:00pm       

Fridays: 9am - 10am



Provides life/careers skills & assessment provided
Individualized Instruction
Teaches all aspects of computer applications


The Miracles Program is gender-specific intensive outpatient program providing services to women. The program provides two independent treatment tracks: one track for women involved in the criminal justice system, and one track for community women. Treatment plans are individually developed and include services targeting substance abuse treatment, mental health issues and trauma treatment.

Very few women's treatment programs nationally include the varied scope and unique treatment features of Miracles. In addition to substance abuse, mental health and trauma treatment, specialized services include:

Case Management

Physical Fitness
Nutrition Education

Family Counseling

Self Defense Training
Anger Management

GED Education
Leisure Time Activities/Self-Esteem Building

Housing Assistance
Social Skill Development

Grief and Loss
Career Education Employment Training
Budget and Finance


The Council has an extensive history of providing gender-specific women's services. In l988, we initiated what was to become a two-day annual conference, "Women and Addictions: Healing and Recovery in the '90's". Participants came from across the country to receive training and education on the unique differences needed for treating women. In l999, The Council developed and began providing the SISTERS Project, a 45-day treatment program for women in the Denver County Jail.

The Miracles Program is licensed by the State of Colorado, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division.
Staff are culturally diverse, master's level, licensed counselors with a combined experience level working with women's treatment of 73 years.

The Council is an approved Medicaid provider through Colorado Access Behavioral Care Denver,
Colorado Department of Corrections, Mountain Medical Affiliates - HMO, Signal Behavioral Health - out of network provider.

24 hr. personal response to emergencies.
Treatment and referral resources.
12- step resources and support groups cialis generico farmacia

A contract employee assistance program which provides individual counseling for employees and/or their family members. Prevention and education sessions are available for on-site presentations to businesses.                        

Youth Programs

BEAR HUG PROGRAM (For preschool children ages 3-5 years old)
Help children to become aware of the effects of alcohol and drugs.
Identify resources that will assist children and the family in coping with loved ones who abuse alcohol or other drugs. Help children develop coping tools that promote good health and appropriate behavior.
Increase self-esteem and self-awareness.

Promotes healthy behaviors using critical thinking skills.
Teaches valuable skills including: support network, emotions management, goal setting, and understanding consequences. Incorporates 10 Wise Ways to Stop and Think. Goal is to change high risk behaviors in a positive way.


SUPER (Substance Use Prevention and Education Resource) is an enrichment program that is designed for parents/guardians and youth. SUPER is an interactive family program. SUPER was developed in the l980's with a federal CSAP grant and was completely revised and updated in 2000 including current data, and to address issues presently affecting youth relationships. The first implementation of SUPER in the 80's was in response to concerns that too many students were receiving alcohol and drug-related out-of-school suspensions. These suspensions were ineffective in reducing alcohol, tobacco and other drug-related behavior, and may have contributed to it. Mile High Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (The Council) provided the SUPER Program in the late l980's to both the Denver Public Schools and the Adams County School Districts as one of the early alternative to suspensions programs used in the districts. Additionally, SUPER was provided in the North Metro Youth Diversion Program.  


Each school, or referring agency chooses their own set of four sessions from a state-of-the art "menu" consisting of nine modules.

1.   Introductory Session:   Welcome to SUPER - Family Session - (2 hours)

2.   Discovering the Consequences of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Use - (2 hours) Family Session

3.   Drugs and The Law - Family Session led by law enforcement officer - (1 hour)

4.   Discovering and Improving Self-Image In Youth - 2 Peer Only Sessions (2 hours each) 

5.   Parenting Matters:   Family Management Techniques - 2 Parent Sessions (2 hours each) 

6.   Preventing Drug Dealing - 1 Family Session (2 hours), 1 Peer Session (2 hours), 1 Parent Session (2 hours) 

7.   Conflict Management - 2 Parent Sessions (2 hours each), 2 Peer Sessions (2 hours)  

8.   Violence Prevention - 1 Family Session (2 hours), 1 Peer Session (2 hours), and 1 Parent Session (2 hours)  

9.   Alcohol and other Drug Awareness - 1 Family Session (2 hours)

FOUR-DAY SCHOOL PROGRAM - K-12 - Age/grade appropriate curriculum
Raises the level of awareness around the physical and behavioral effects of commonly used drugs.
Develops strong skills in coping with peer pressure and making difficult choices.
Raises self-esteem, develops anger management skills and violence prevention.

Meets weekly - open to any teen.

Support group for teens to talk about whatever is on their minds.

Individual and family assessment, evaluation, and therapy.